Daniel Oppermann is a research coordinator at the NUPRI Research Centre for International Relations at the University of São Paulo (NUPRI-USP) and a postdoctoral researcher and lecturer at the Fluminense Federal University in Niterói (UFF). His research is focused on different aspects of Internet governance and cybersecurity. In 2018, Daniel edited the book “Internet Governance in the Global South – History, Theory and Contemporary Debates”, published at the University of São Paulo. Daniel studied Political Science at the Free University of Berlin and holds a PhD in International Relations from the University of Brasília (UnB). He was a researcher at the OPSA Research Centre for South American Politics at the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ), a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Economy of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), a postdoctoral researcher at the School of Command and General Staff of the Army (ECEME) in Rio de Janeiro, a research fellow at the FGV Law School in Rio de Janeiro, and a guest lecturer at the University of Los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia. As Chair of the Program Committee of the Global Internet Governance Academic Network (GigaNet), he coordinated the annual GigaNet Symposia in Brazil (2015) and Mexico (2016). Daniel has lectured on Internet governance, cybersecurity, geopolitics and data protection at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, at the DiGI School on Internet Governance (San Andrés University Buenos Aires) and at FGV Law School.

Current and former institutions: